Established in 1914.

P.J. Grady is a family owned and operated business that has been located in West Sayville, New York since the early 1900’s, when it was a Chevy dealership. P.J. Grady is now solely dedicated to the preservation and restoration of DeLoreans and has developed a reputation as one of the best shops to have your DeLorean restored to its original beauty.


Up-Grady Your DeLorean

My family has been in the automobile business for 100 years starting with a General Motors franchise in 1914. More recently we decided to specialize in DeLorean’s in 1982. We are the only original DeLorean factory authorized franchise in existence. We’ve been selling and servicing DeLorean’s since 1981 and have the experience, tools, and parts necessary for all phases of restoration and service.


Grady Exclusives

Our tail light boards are just one of the many sought-after parts for your car.

Adjustable Rear Suspension Links

These adjustable links are a must-have for any DeLorean that has been lowered to keep your tire wear even and improve handling.  All links are tig welded for superior strength and aesthetics.


Rebuilt Brake Master Cylinders

Our newly rebuilt master cylinders have been sleeved in brass to increase braking ability and longevity of the master cylinder.