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The world renowned ZILLA products were the benchmark of DeLorean performance electronics in the 90′s, recognized for their performance, quality and reliability. Most of the ZILLAs born in the 90′s are still alive today and after a 15 year hiatus, the LOCKZILLAs are available again.
You can be locked in or out of your car without warning! All DMC door lock modules contain serious design flaws. Just after locking or unlocking the doors, they can often jam up for a few minutes. When this happens, the strength of Kratos and Hercules combined wouldn’t be enough to force the lock open. LOCKZILLA not only cures the problem, but can also save what’s left of your solenoids before they die and require door disassembly to change them.
LOCKZILLA is also the primary building block for the door’s remote unlock/opener system. Product coming soon, so stay tuned.
* Ends lock in/lock out
* Ends mysterious “dead battery syndrome”
* Saves solenoids
* Built-in circuit breaker
* FLAWLESS operation
LOCKZILLA Module: $274.95

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 in